Saturday, July 2, 2011

Etsy Fun Finds

I thought I would post an Etsy Fun Finds maybe once a week to show you some of the things in my favorites list.

Let's start with something I found this morning. Isn't this hedgehog pincushion adorable? It stole my heart for sure!! You can find him & other fun pincushions at lifepieces shop

These cute little spool magnets would look great on your refrigerator or craft bulletin. You can find them at Eisley Ray. She also has some beautiful girl clothes which unfortunately I couldn't get my boys to agree to wear... too bad. LOL!

I just love this extra large beach bag, those bold red flowers make me smile. You can find this bag in a variety of colors at LucyJaneStudios.

Okay, I was planning on adding a couple more things but my mouse has decided that wants some cheese and refuses to work properly so I'm stopping before I throw it out the window.

Happy 4th of July weekend!! :o)

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