Saturday, May 28, 2011

Etsy Deals on Heartsy

I have found this cool new site, it's called and it’s sort of like Groupon for handmade stuff mostly on Etsy! If you're like me and love handmade stuff and love Etsy then this is a site you want to check out for sure.

Signing up is free and there are new offers every day. For example, today's deal is $9 for $20 Online Store Credit at Lazy Day Cottage on Etsy. So you pay $9 and are able to buy $20 worth of fun products in this Etsy store. The only thing I would advice you on is that you check out the store before you buy the offer just to make sure that there are things in there you want to buy.

Sign up using my friend referral link and we both
will get $5 when you sign up and purchase your first deal. Who doesn't like free credits?!?

And who knows, maybe pretty soon I will also have an offer in there for you ;o)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AllFreeCrochet Giveaway

O.M.G.!! This giveaway made my mouth water and it's not even food!! What I could do with all those crochet needles!!

The Boye Crochet Master
Gifted by Simplicity
Reviewed by Christine Weiher, Editor of AllFreeCrochet
The Boye Crochet Master is great to have for on-the-go projects. In this carrying case from Simplicity you will find 16 steel crochet hooks and 8 aluminum crochet hooks to be used for free

You want to sign up for it? Click here