Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog sale items

Every once in awhile I will find some patterns from designers that allow the finish product to be sold in craft fairs and online but not on Etsy. The designers I have encountered are very friendly people and after chatting with them I totally understand their reasons.

So in keeping up with their policies, if I find a pattern that I would like to offer my customers but I can't post it on Etsy, I will be posting it on this blog. You can order one by contacting me at mydoublecrochet at gmail dot com and I will add a special order listing with your name on Etsy for you to do payment.

>> I became aware of these policies when I fell in love with the pattern for the little caplet pictured below which I made for my friend's little girl for her birthday... I just couldn't keep it for myself!! So here it is!!

The one pictured here is about 10" in length (about elbow length) with a 20"-21" head opening, the pattern says that it will fit a 4-12yr old but I would say it might be 4-8... I do have a bigger pattern for 8yrs+ . Made with acrylic yarn. The close stitches used in this piece makes it thick & warm.

You can order it in any combination colors you like and can have a flower instead of the ice cream cone if you prefer that. Just sent me this information on your order email.

Cafe' Crochet Caplet... $34
Pattern by Deborah Devlin Designs

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poll... please vote!

I've added a poll on the right side column ---------------->

I've been looking at all kind of hat patterns to add to the store and started wondering about what kind of hats Moms/Dads prefer for themselves and for their kids.

So I decided to do a poll to see what y'all have to say about that, it will give me a better idea of things y'all would like to see in the store. I would've put it on facebook put I don't think I can put a poll there :o?

Update... poll has been closed

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here is one for the boys...

So, my boys have been getting unto me b/c I haven't done anything for boys... just girl stuff. Yeah, rolling eyes & everything. I had plans to do some boy stuff just hadn't gotten a chance to do until this week. I had seen this really cool beanie for boys that I knew Ian would love, the only thing is that I couldn't remember exactly where I saw it b/c I look around all over the place on-line and can't keep up with all of it, kwim?

So anywho, I decided to go ahead & work on figuring it out on my own and this is what I did...

It's made of 100% cotton and the little truck buttons are made out of wood. My little one loved it!! And I will be getting some up in the store sometime next week b/c I know there are other boys out there that might like it too :o)

"Come on Mom, don't you have enough pics already?!?"

Etsy Treasury List...

I got an email this afternoon that my green scarf had made it into a treasury list on Etsy... woohoo!!

If you want to check out the list click here. Please leave a comment on the list, the more comments we have the better chance we have to get this list up on Etsy's front page!! Thanks in advance for your support! :o)